Witch Rock House Escape Game

Witch Rock House Escape

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Everyone thought that the abandoned house made of stone in the forest once belonged to a witch, and they really think so that the hag is still there that's why they don't go near it. One day however, the two friends Niel and Nate decided to visit the place but Nate was very much concerned of this attempt, Niel however thinks there is nothing in there and he will go inside the house to prove that so. It seems that the witch rock house as everyone calls it is not bothering Niel at all, but as he goes inside while Nate waits outside however, a very different problem came-up and it's one they both didn't expect to happen.

Niel got trapped inside the house and it was an accident really, but he is screaming for help and that is getting Nate panicked too! Nate needs help here for he can't think straight because his friend might get hurt inside there thanks to all of his struggle and maybe, the witch might be real and it could get him! Escape players, care to join in the rescue here with Nate and try your best so you can all get his friend Niel out safely?

Come and check-out this challenge everyone! Witch Rock House Escape is the newest point and click house rescue escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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