Halloween Rock Resort Escape

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Jerry decided to go to the rock resort to celebrate Halloween, he would like to try newer stuff than trick or treating this year. They said that the rock resort is currently having a Halloween party there and it’s going to be fun, and so Jerry went. The rock resort is actually a cave system dug into the side of a big stony mountain. It is safe and roomy there, in fact people go there from time to time just to have a feel of the caves. But as Jerry will be staying there though, little did he know something will be happening to him and it’s going to be quite a problem.

Jerry decided to roam around the place just to see the Halloween decors there, they were absolutely scary and interesting. But guess the cave systems are too good for him, for now he is lost and he had tried his best to get back but sadly, he could not. The tunnels just twists and turns there and he could not memorize them easily. Escape players, Jerry needs help there and lucky for him you are there, for right now there seems to be nobody there coming to his aid. Will you be able to help Jerry here so he can get to familiar rooms safely?

Halloween Rock Resort Escape is the newest point and click cave escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Rock Resort Escape

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