Witch Cauldron Forest Escape Game

Witch Cauldron Forest Escape

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The entire valley where a huge forest is located is not a place anybody can just visit, for the entire land is cursed and is being owned by a dark witch and anyone who enters would either be taken, turned into frogs, or be lost forever. It was even said that the entire forest there is being controlled by the witch through her cauldron and she can see everything from it, that's what the survivors said after being able to escape from her grasp. Yes, there are those who escapes from her but even then they are ridiculed still for not everybody believes in such a story, and that includes Marco and he even went there to prove it that such doesn't exist, which is of course a bad idea.

Marco initially think the forest was cool and interesting at first, but then it got all dark and he could no longer navigate the place well! Also, scary things are starting to emerge from the ground. His skepticism was really turned upside down there and it's a bad idea to even do this for the cost could be his life! Escape players, will you just help Marco here escape the forest before he finally pays his mistake with the ultimate price? Go ahead then and be very careful as well, for the witch often doesn't want anybody escaping from her.

Witch Cauldron Forest Escape is the newest point and click scary forest escape game from WoW Escape.

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