Find My Magic Cauldron

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Your aunt Amor is secretly a witch! But she is not a dark one though, she is not the kind that is all white either, she mostly just inherited the power from her mother and it’s just a gift which she uses only occasionally. It’s Halloween again that day and Amor needs to do her traditional yearly ritual and that is to concoct something in her huge magic cauldron. But something happened though unfortunately, and now that ritual of hers had been stopped!

Amor needs help here, for some sort of magic pumpkin took her cauldron and scurried into the land! Amor was not able to use her magic on it for it was too late. She needs that cauldron back and for that she is going to need some help. Escape players, will you help your aunt Amor here retrieve her magic cauldron for this ritual of hers must be done?

Find My Magic Cauldron is the newest point-and-click retrieval escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Find My Magic Cauldron

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