Town Home Escape Game

Town Home Escape

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The first stop on Brady's adventures into the wilderness was this very small town, even though he was told there isn't much there he still wanted to make his first stop in the place for he wanted to know the cultures of every town he comes to pass and of course, he wouldn't miss especially his first one. Brady arrives and he saw the houses there even though rickety, it still looks uniform from the rest and that makes the houses quite memorable. Brady was welcomed and it's good for the people there are caring, he thinks this place seems okay but when he woke-up the next morning however and got ready to leave, he'll experience something there which was weird.

Brady went-out of his house and tried to greet the people there goodbye for he was ready to leave, but it seems that there wasn't nobody anywhere! Where did everybody go? He pondered, it's like they suddenly went away and it's very different than yesterday. Well Brady can't just leave and not say goodbye, that would be very rude and really, he has something for the man that accommodated him so he needs to find even just one townsfolk there. Escape players, will you give Brady a hand here as he finds the missing people?

Town Home Escape is a brand new point and click escape game released by 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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