Winter Room Escape Game

Winter Room Escape

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The snow had been buffeting outside and it's a good thing Rem had found a small cottage in the middle of his adventure through North Pole. He didn't even know there were pine forests there and it's just very unfortunate that he lost his way and his team which came with him was nowhere to be found! Rem was starting to thank the owner of the place but when he looked at him, he saw that he was a real-live elf! Rem got startled when he saw that and because he was all-over the place and being ridiculous, he got trapped inside the house!

It's really not that necessary, but Rem was being unreasonable. Maybe it is the cold that is getting to him that's why he can't think straight? Escape players, let's just be with what he wants now, escape out of the house here and when he does maybe when he feels the cold then he'll be able to get back to his senses. Find clues and objects here around the rooms and try not to hurt the elves who owns the place, for there is a possibility that Santa is real and they are his helpers.

Come and try this escape everyone from an elf's house. Winter Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Amgel Escape.

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