Christmas Room Escape (Amgel Escape) Game

Christmas Room Escape (Amgel Escape)

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You finally woke-up to Christmas day and you quickly went-out from your bed to start the day by opening some presents! But there was a strange thing however when you opened your eyes, for you just realized you weren't in your room anymore and you are trapped in this unfamiliar house! There were this dabbing things too blocking the doors and even though they aren't really harmful, they seem to be hiding some clues or something. The dabbing things were elves, some Christmas ornaments, and a Christmas tree! That's pretty weird, too weird that it towers the fact that he is in this unfamiliar room with no possible reason how he even got there, he was also trapped inside for the doors could not be opened. Well will he still be able to escape though and find-out too what's really going-on?

Escape players, care to join in the escape adventure here from the Christmas room and see if you can escape safely and quickly? Do so then and find-out about this happening, hopefully it's just a holiday prank.

Come and bring-out the best of your skills and logic here everyone! Christmas Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Amgel Escape.

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