Christmas Star Forest Escape Game

Christmas Star Forest Escape

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The forest is always snowy and not easy to traverse into, but every Christmas the people put different kinds of Christmas stars from the trees and for Carl who lived in the place for all of his life, that's one of his observed signs that Christmas is almost coming or have already came. Carl doesn't really have a calendar and only has a clock plus a rough guide of what might be the possible day that day. Carl wants by the next year that he'll have something that can tell the date but for now, he must go to the next town from his which he rarely goes to just to buy a product which can only be found there at the moment, well as he did he will experience a problem and he haven't even reached his destination yet!

Carl traversed the snow-filled path and he was trying real hard for the snow was deeper than usual, at the back of his mind he decided to turn-back but no, he still pushed through and that unfortunately got him lost in the snowy wilderness! This is the first time that happened to Carl, but he was advised way before that when this kind of thing happens, he must be clever and trace his steps back so escape players, want to join Carl and see if you can get him back home for now before the sun goes down and the cold plummets even further? Join in the save here then for Carl.

Christmas Star Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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