White Kitty Escape Game

White Kitty Escape

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If there is one pet that you can have, that is the cat. You love cats so much because they've been so sweet and nice to you. You know that there are so many cats in the forest who need a shelter. Rain is coming tonight and you can't leave these cats out there in the cold. You are willing to take them home with you. You went to the forest to grab the cats that you can help. While you were walking, you heard a meow sound along the way. You followed the sound and you saw a cute white kitty. However, it is not in a good position. Is is in a cage and you don't know who did this to the kitty. Every kitties in the world must be free so you have to find a way to help the cat to escape.

The good news is, there are clues in the forest that can help you to solve the puzzles that you will encounter. There are also items that you can pick up and use to unlock the cage where the kitty is. White Kitty Escape is a brand new outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games. Good luck!

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