White Duck Escape Game

White Duck Escape

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Check-out another fun animal rescue adventure here, White Duck Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly. Enjoy!

The white duck was a magnificent creature indeed in the village, but everyday there was this over-enthusiastic boy who always tries his best to capture the duck, well most of the time he is not successful for the duck is quite agile and dodges quite easily. One day however, the tables have really turned for the boy actually managed to capture the duck and what happened next is quite concerning. Luckily, Orville who is a resident in the area was watching in the distance and he saw that the boy took the duck and got it inside the old house!

Orville knows that the boy is going to hide the duck for himself and everything just happened pretty quickly, he just stuffed the animal inside the house, locked the door, and left! What in the world is that boy even doing, and because Orville was concerned of that majestic duck, he decided to free the animal before it starves to death in there. Escape players, Orville is going on an animal rescue here for the trapped duck, care to join in the rescue as well and see if you can all make it successfully? Good luck then everyone.

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