Crocodile Escape Game

Crocodile Escape

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Crocodile Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Avm Games for more dose of fun escapes with us everyday. Have Fun!

There are monstrous crocodiles in the area here and the village is just very careful when one approaches near. That's why the rangers always patrols the place to scare the crocodiles back into the river and that's not all that they're trying to look-out, for there are poachers entering the nature reserve just to steal wildlife so they can sell it to the highest bidder. So far, the rangers have been successful in pushing the poachers away, but it seems that they always have new tactics and almost always gets in and gets out without getting detected. One day, the poachers have messed-up a bit for the rangers are now on their tails, one of those rangers is Major and he managed to get himself in the poacher's camp! Well there's nobody in that place anymore unfortunately, but there is one trapped creature there though which caught Major's interest.

There was this huge crocodile and the thing is trapped inside something in the poacher's camp! What would they do with such a creature? Maybe they'll turn it into decorative hides or gourmet which is absolutely illegal, for the entire area is a national reserve. Escape players, Major will have to rescue a dangerous animal here, will he be able to without getting injured? Join in the animal rescue then, good luck and enjoy with us daily.

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