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Escape Monster (Avm Games)
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When you were young, your mother always tell you that there is a monster under your bed. You were so afraid that time. But when you grow older, you realized that she just said that so you will sleep early. However, there is still a part of you that wants to know the truth. With that, you looked under your bed to see if there is really a monster under there. To your surprise, there is a world under your bed that don't expect to see. Seems like that is where the monster lives. You went under your bed to meet the monster but that monster is so scary. You regret going there but there is nothing you can do right now but to find a way to escape. There are puzzles that you need to solve before you can finally get away from there.

On the good note, there are clues that can help you with those puzzles. There are also items that you can pick up and use for your escape plan. You just have to remain calm because you will need your logic to escape. Escape Monster (Avm Games) is the newest outdoor escape game from Avm Games. Best of luck!


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  1. Date: August 5, 2018
    Author: b165042407
    KG/AM. AUaSsR! [Reply]

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