Escape From Avowed Place Game

Escape From Avowed Place

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Try the escape adventure here from an ancient place. Escape From Avowed Place is another new point and click escape game made by Top 10 New Games. Good luck!

Treasure-hunting is always hard and a labor intensive job, rarely one can get a big break but when they do, they really get set for life! As a treasure-hunter, Luther had been finding treasures in weird places especially ancient ones, he also does it in some old and scary haunted houses but mostly he gets in-trouble there as well as it's not very ethical. So Luther just sticks with places that are still undiscovered or untouched for hundreds or even thousands of years, and that day on his new expedition in desert, he actually got a pretty good break.

Luther found a hidden entrance around the sands and when he entered it, the place was actually a deep cavern which spirals down to a place filled with ancient artifacts and valuable stuff! Luther knows it's absolutely real but still further analysis is needed, and so he tried to climb back up just to get more of his equipment but sadly because the area is sandy and filled with pitfalls and stuff, he could not go back out! Luther is basically trapped in the ancient place here and his concern is when the sun goes down, so he really needs to use the best of his skills and logic here if he wants to escape quickly. Escape players, you are also welcome to try the escape adventure here with Luther, don't forget to have fun as well!

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