Find The Treasure Box (Top 10 New Games) Game

Find The Treasure Box (Top 10 New Games)
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Find The Treasure Box is fun yet challenging point and click escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

You and your buddy have long been best friends. There is one thing in common between you two and that is you both enjoy challenges. You set up elaborate puzzles to challenge each other. Sometimes, you two take it too seriously and it becomes personal. However it is all in good fun.

This time it is the turn of your friend to set up a challenge for you. He is proud of his accomplishment and is confident you will not be able to solve it. In fact, he set up his challenge so hard he put a reward at the end of it. Whatever it is, all you know is he told you it is worth it because it is a one-of-a-kind treasure. He smugly looks at you and tells you: "It is okay if you do not want to take on my challenge. It might be too difficult for you this time."

Sensing the challenge in his tone, you oblige and delightfully accept his invitation. The proving ground this time is his house. Puzzles and all sorts of challenges await you. Point and click your way and find the treasure box. Have fun!

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