White Brick House Escape

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Nestor was tasked again to retrieve something in an innocent-looking house and of course illegally. Well that’s because Nestor works as an agent and stuff like this is kind of like his day-to-day job which he carries-out no sweat. On this mission, Nestor needs to find something hidden in that house which has a white brick design. Briefing told him that the place is normal, but make no mistake though for there are secret rooms in the place and he needs to be clever just to get in to them and well he needs to, for that item he will be taking could be hidden in one of those rooms there.

Nestor is in the house now and he is hurrying it up for currently there is nobody in the place, but that is just a window of opportunity and he doesn’t know when the occupants will return. Fortunately, Nestor was able to fulfill in the retrieval of the item, but there is another problem now, how is he going to get out of there? Nestor couldn’t open the doors in the rooms and the windows are proving to be the same! This is not peachy anymore, maybe this is the place’s security system engaging on him or something, well he needs to work his way through it or he’ll fail this mission entirely. Escape players, you are now Nestor here and the situation is yours to undertake, will you be able to get through it with your skills and logic?

White Brick House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.