Room Boy Escape

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Try your skills and logic here everyone, for you are to escape a house not familiar at all. Room Boy Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games for another dose of fun escapes with us!

Your friend who works as a room boy at the nearby motel needs constant help for he oversleeps and his boss even sent a warning via to you that if he ever gets late again then he is fired. You care for your friend that’s why you got to his house and just wake-up him for his alarm wasn’t even enough for him, he is a heavy sleeper and that’s absolutely a disadvantage. One day, he had another duty day and his boss was already calling, you didn’t want him to lose his job so you got to his place and maybe do something finally that can cure his problem once and for all.

You arrived at his place and somehow when you entered a specific room which he was suppose to be in, he wasn’t there. Maybe he is in the next room, but when you tried the door of the room you entered however, you realized it could not be opened and you are trapped inside it! You absolutely called for your friend but then typically he didn’t wake-up. Escape players, this is definitely an unexpected happening but it’s now on you so will you be able to solve it? Go ahead then and try to wake your friend up as well.

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11 months ago

game does not work, will not accept correct math answer