Werewolf Love Escape

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This land here is dark and absolutely dangerous, Gregory knows that very much for he had seen the creature who lives in this eerie forest and at one time it almost even got him! This creature is not like any other and that made Gregory become overprotective of his only daughter and also swore to be very alert whenever he is out of their house. This creature is a real werewolf and Gregory have come face to face with it before! Little did he know he will be once more that day and that’s after when he realized his daughter was missing!

Gregory immediately became worried, he quickly entered the said forest with whatever he is got for that’s the only place she can go here. He was of course right about that, and the moment he was a few meters in from the edge of the place, he became face to face with an old enemy. Gregory can see it in its eyes that the creature has his daughter, and he can also see that she is still alive. That is the greatest talent of Gregory, he is able to read sentient beings and thankfully even this werewolf. That means Gregory still has a chance to rescue his daughter, he only needs to be careful with this hulking hairy creature for it does not look happy. Escape players, will you help Gregory here get through this problem and rescue his daughter? This creature might need something now for up to this point it isn’t attacking him so pay attention.

Werewolf Love Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness rescue escape game released by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Werewolf Love Escape

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