Rescue The Love Birds (WoW Escape)

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The forest here is home to many rare birds and that’s why it is a protected place for it’s kind of like a last frontier of the wildlife of the land. As a conservationist there, Rina is there to check the health of the said place for that’s her job, well thankfully that she does that for only this week, she found many signs of poaching and that day, she is going to find another!

Rina found a cage and on top of it was a beautiful blue bird, that’s kind of strange, well actually this blue bird was trying to get her partner out from the said cage for it is trapped inside! Rina quickly moved to try and tend to this, for the blue bird’s partner was a red one and this was another sexually dimorphic bird, another rare species definitely. She needs to tinker with the cage but gently so she can get the trapped bird out. Okay then escape players, would you like to help Rina here so she can quickly free the bird and process this find?

Rescue The Love Birds is the newest point-and-click animal rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

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