Abominable Yeti Escape

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Beau’s friend has this creature under her care which she calls a young abominable snowman! Beau of course did not believe it, for he thinks such a creature does not exist. She says she had brought the creature with her on her last adventure from the alps and if Beau doesn’t believe it, he can just go to her house and check it out. Of course Beau will see it, but he does not believe this even though his friend sounded very serious. As he arrives at the place, he was ready to meet this said yeti, but as he entered he was instead met with a worrying friend for right-now she was trying to free this said yeti of hers for it is currently trapped in a room there!

Beau’s reaction to this was confusion, he thought okay this might be a prank and well, what can he do now but to just play along. Beau will now help her get this abominable snowman out of the room, he expects anything but that creature though, for he really doesn’t believe in any of this. Escape players, want to help Beau here now in freeing this creature which his friend claims is trapped inside that room there?

Abominable Yeti Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Abominable Yeti Escape

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