Baby Orange Rescue

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That day Joshua had a guest, but it seems one of his traps there which was suppose to capture wild game was not so good with that guest, for he got trapped in it! Joshua immediately checked then for he thought he caught something good, but as he looked he saw that it was actually his friend orange. Joshua is really the only human living here in this wilderness, the rest are fruit people and they are sentient like humans! Joshua is not really startled by them at all, well at least at first but now they are all friends and that’s why he needs to get his friend out of there.

Joshua needs to find the key to his contraption, but it seems he is having a problem locating that and without it he can’t really free his friend orange there, still he must keep searching. Escape players, Joshua is getting sleepy here now for it was already getting late, he wonders what does his friend orange want from him at a time like this? Well whatever the problem is Joshua needs to fix this one first so he can then ask him. Want to help here too so that Joshua can rescue his friend a lot quicker?

Baby Orange Rescue is a new outdoors rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Baby Orange Rescue

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