Waiter Escape

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The waiter is one of the persons Gary the bus service drivers take to the hotel where they work, and that waiter is the very first after the other employees. But that day however as Gary was on his driving duty, he thought he was going to take longer with the waiter here, for something was going-on with him in his house!

At first Gary waited for the waiter for a minute honking every 15 seconds but as the time was up and he even waited for 5 minutes, he decided to leave but when he did, he heard the waiter’s call for help! Gary quickly stepped on the breaks and stopped the bus, he checked the house of the waiter and he heard the waiter said that he is trapped in his room and he is in-need of help! Gary almost called the cops but the waiter said he’ll just have to find a key to unlock the door and that’ll solve the problem. Gary has a tight schedule here and if he ever takes long on his job through the morning then it might cost him due to a late salary deduction, well this can be a valid reason here after all he has a witness and that is the waiter. Escape players, can you do a rescue here with Gary for a trapped waiter, do this quickly before time is up for the both of them.

Waiter Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Waiter Escape

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