Treasure Hunt Escape (Games 2 Mad)

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In the deep forest, there is said to be a place which was a house and inside it is a chest filled with treasure! But the problem is getting there though and that’s why nobody have been to the place yet, what people hear are just tales coming from the person who actually built the place and kept the treasure there. As a person who got curious about this, Matt questions why would the same person who built it reveal it? There must be something waiting there that would kill every single traveler who aims for the treasure, or it might not all be real even. Well Matt is going to take this risk though for it’s in his nature, that’s because he is an adventurer!

Matt gathered all the information he can find for he is going to need all the hands that he can get to make this journey a success even though that possibility is low. Well Matt however had run lucky, for he found what he had been looking for! Matt found the house and it’s just as what the stories had said, but now his next task is to get that treasure inside for he might not have another chance! Escape players, there is a very low success rate here on this treasure-hunt by Matt, but he seems to be getting lucky here. Will you help him so he can walk-away safely with the bounty he went to lengths just to get?

Treasure Hunt Escape is a brand new point and click retrieval escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

Walkthrough video for Treasure Hunt Escape (Games 2 Mad)


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