Vermont 2022

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Thompson remembers that he and his grandfather were going to Vermont, where he was is definitely Vermont, but the thing is he just woke-up there not knowing what happened prior to him sleeping. Was he sick? Where was his grandpa? And where exactly was he? This is crazily messing his mind, he doesn’t know what’s happening but it’s a good thing there are a few houses there which he can ask help from.

None of them could answer Thompson’s questions however, but they can lend him one of their trucks so he can drive to town, maybe his grandpa is there. But there was a little test though and for the owners of the truck, it is currently a problem. Okay then, Thompson is going to help on that problem, and as for you escape players you will be in the shoes of Thompson here, will you be able to get the residents’ problem here solved so you can then borrow their truck?

Vermont 2022 is the newest point-and-click area escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Vermont 2022

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