Valentine Celebration In Hostel Game

Valentine Celebration In Hostel

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Your friend really knew how to lure you in any location. And this time she lured you into a hostel. It was already the middle week of the third month. Yet your friend was still floating in the feels of Valentine's Day. Her posts on social media reflected how she couldn't move on with the happenings of the past month. You dared not to comment though. You couldn't attract attention to yourself and be the target of her crazy antics once more. However, even you pretended you didn't exist, she could still track you down. You were scrolling through your news feed when her name popped up. You wanted to just ignore the message. But you knew how sensitive she was. And you wouldn't want to hear her hysterics when you meet in a public place. So you read her message and it was a simple request.

She said she left something in the hostel she was staying at. There was a box of chocolates there and she wanted you to have it. She wasn't much of a fan of it. But you adore the way it would melt in your mouth to spread the wonderful flavor. So you immediately went to the hostel she mentioned and you were trapped. Play Valetine Celebration In Hostel room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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