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Save The Monkey Cub

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Your parents were always on an adventure. And when you came along, you immediately joined them. You were very little when you joined them on an adventure inside the forest. There you met animals that were surprisingly gentler than people. Your parents really loved the monkeys there and the monkeys felt the same. One day, while you were at the forest, you heard a loud noise. It was followed by some noise from the monkeys. And you felt something wasn't right. Your father went to where the sound came from. It took a while for him to return. And it worried you. Then you heard the rustle of the plants and your father emerged. However, he was not alone. He carried with him a baby monkey. Your parents were close to tears as they talked about what happened. You didn't understand everything but you felt the sadness as well.

The baby monkey came home and grew up with you. He became your instant brother and you couldn't be happier. He stayed with you ever since and you made sure to give him the life he deserved. You would always bring him back to the forest where he would feel freedom. But there was a time you saw him in a cage. Play Save The Monkey Cub outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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