Mechanic Room Escape Game

Mechanic Room Escape

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You thought you had forgotten your crush. Five years had passed already. Yet you found it hard to believe that you still cared for him. He was once a stranger to you. But it seemed that destiny liked playing with you. And he brought the two of you closer in distance but not in relationship. You tried befriending him. However, he wasn't the person you were imagining him to be. He was quite cold towards you and just didn't like you at all. So you stayed away from him. Gone were the days when you hoped you would bump into him. This was all replaced with a little prayer of never seeing him again. Then again, he sometimes passed by your mind once in a while. And when he did, you would end up smiling at all the things you'd been through with the short time you knew him.

After a few years of not seeing him, you were very confident that you wouldn't see him ever again. You went to a mechanic room to check out the things you needed for your friend's exhibit. But what you saw made you scramble to find a way out. Your crush was there and he was checking out the items there as well. You didn't want to be accused of stalking again. So find your way out immediately. Play Mechanic Room Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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