Treasure Trove Escape From Hostel

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The old hostel have been standing for a long time there, it had experienced a lot both bad and good. It is rich of history, but now the building is starting to crumble and is really becoming worthless. Still Ronald is going in there for he has come to take something very valuable.

Ronald have lived in that hostel a few times before and through the years he had been doing something there which was under the noses of everyone. Ronald have been trying to find and get the gold from the nearby quarry and he had been smelting it there! He then takes the formed gold and hide it in some crevice in a specific room and continues to do that all over again for months! It’s a risky job, but he must do this and nobody must ever find-out about this. But that day it’s time to take what he had been storing for a year now, he needs to get it and leave for things have been happening and he thinks he doesn’t have much time here now. Okay then this is going to be a tough one for there are a lot of people currently renting there and he risks himself of getting found. Escape players, want to help Ronald here get what he came for and quickly so he can leave the soonest?

Treasure Trove Escape From Hostel is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Treasure Trove Escape From Hostel

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