The Smuggler Forest Game

The Smuggler Forest

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Nobody would suspect you of being part of a smuggling group. You were an angel in your neighborhood. Your free times were spent at an orphanage. And even a part of your earnings was for the orphanage. You tried to hide these facts about you. But it seemed like your good deeds were just to praiseworthy to keep as a secret. However, that was just half of you did. You were part of a smuggling group. And your group specializes in ornaments. You personally liked ornaments. And that was enough to make you join. One day you were just admiring the ornaments inside a store. Then the next day, you were one of the people delivering it to various stores to be sold. Sometimes, you would also keep some for yourself. But you made sure to keep the ones not many would recognize.

Most of the time, you would wait by the docks for the shipment to arrive. But there was a time, that you invaded a forest for ornaments. Your source told the group of a forest house. This was your mission. And they believed you'd be able to do it alone. So you went to the forest hoping to return soon. However, the puzzles slowed you down. Play The Smuggler Forest room escape game by Mirchigames.

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