Unleash The Astronaut

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Albert is doing well in this base here on this planet, this place is not habitable yet and that’s why there is an enclosed colony there to study the place. It is a normal day in the solar day of this planet, Albert is doing his tasks normally, finding tools there and other things so he can segregate them. But then a transmission came to him and it’s from the captain, at first he thought it was just a briefing but it was actually a problem!

Something went haywire in the place’s controls there and now the captain is trapped in this special chair of his! He haven’t even removed his suit yet and that’s why he is there trapped and bulky. Albert doesn’t know how to solve this initially, for he doesn’t know what’s the problem yet. But will you help him there though at least in releasing his captain?

Unleash The Astronaut is the newest point-and-click space rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Unleash The Astronaut

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