Astronaut Escape (8b Games)

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Join in the house escape here everyone. Astronaut Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by 8b Games for more dose of fun escapes with us daily. Best of luck!

Joco’s friend works as an astronaut in the space-station but at the moment, his schedule to stay in the ISS is still on-hold and he was called to help in the office there especially on the mathematics and the analysis concerning trajectories. Joco’s astronaut friend doesn’t have a car at the moment for his family is currently using it on picking-up to and from school. So he just asked his friend Joco to come pick him up that day so he won’t be late for work.

That day, Joco arrives at the house of his astronaut friend and when he entered the place for he is always welcome there, he realized that his friend was somehow nowhere to be found, Joco scanned the entire place but it seems his friend was not at home, it’s at that right moment however as he passed-by along the hallway with rooms that he is now trapped in the place! Joco could not get himself out of the hallway for the doors are locked! It’s bad enough that his friend is not responding to him and now this? Escape players, join in the escape adventure with Joco see if you can escape out of the house of his friend who was an astronaut. Have fun!

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