Uninhabited Villa Escape

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This scary unoccupied house in the neighborhood is rumored to be haunted, so Thad went in there for he is very bored today and he wants an adventure, guess this adventure of his had betrayed him now, for as soon as he entered the place’s rooms there the doors shut and he is immediately trapped!

Escape players, Thad did not expect this is the level of haunted this place has and now he is really immersed in it. Well, he wanted an adventure so he got it. Would you like to help Thad here to escape now? For he doesn’t like this situation anymore.

Uninhabited Villa Escape is the latest point-and-click room escape game developed by Big Escape Games. Explore abandoned villa, search for items and clues to solve puzzles.

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Walkthrough video for Uninhabited Villa Escape

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