Kids Toy Room Escape (Big Escape Games)

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The toy room of Donna who is darn rich is more like a house than a single room. The place is big and luxurious, but it’s all for her young daughter and she would give everything to her especially the things that she didn’t have when she was young. Seems like a way to make a child spoiled, but Donna knows that and she will correct her if she goes way too far with what she wants and could not get.

That day, Donna’s kid was sleeping in the other house while she is there in the toy room trying to look for something she could not find for an hour now. Donna was about to get out of the place for she was not having any luck there when something happened, and that she could no longer get out of there for the doors were now locked! Donna does not understand what’s happening, it seems that this thing is jammed but that’s kind of preposterous, for it’s not just one door that’s locked there but all of them in the house! Donna is seriously thinking there is something happening here and it’s no accident, all the more she wants to escape and she must do it now! Escape players, want to help Donna here get free before another unimaginable thing happens? Quickly then, find things you can use so that Donna can escape.

Kids Toy Room Escape is a brand new point-and-click indoor escape game from Big Escape Games.

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