Uninhabited Evil House Escape

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Kids shouldn’t be entering the house here, for the rumors were right, it is indeed a bit evil. Earlier in the day, Cole entered the place for he was up for an adventure, but ever since the first problem occurred though, he is not able to get it all solved for everything just keeps coming! First it was the doors locking and now the halls are kind of like in an illusion to him! It just repeats even though Cole was only moving in a straight line. He finally confirmed the rumors first-hand and he hadn’t just received a dose of it, but a maximum one too!

Cole needs to escape right-now, but he needs to revise his moves here or he won’t be able to escape. Cole needs to go inside some of the rooms he haven’t entered for there might be a way out there and it’s just hiding from his sight. Escape players, imagine you are Cole here now and escape is absolutely necessary while it seems to be still possible. Will you finally be able to find clues and useful items for the escape from this evil place now?

Uninhabited Evil House Escape is another new point and click scary indoor escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

Walkthrough video for Uninhabited Evil House Escape


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