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Tribes Escape

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Join the rescue here for humans who belongs in the past. Tribes Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly. Have Fun!

The lab's experiment just got a successful ending for Ricardo's team just had a breakthrough of synthesizing some old DNA and now, a primitive human is born, in fact there are two. Ricardo was proud as to what they have achieved, but consequences can be heavy for this, most especially on what happened which Ricardo almost lost his mind thanks to it.

The ancient people have just been abducted by a group of men and he knows with every shred of evidence that the perpetrator is the rival company. This is not good for Ricardo's company has very little evidence which can show that the rival is guilty of this. Which means he has to make the rescue for their project soon for who knows when they'll get another success of this thing. Escape players, Ricardo here is to rescue two of their primitive human project and he has to do it quickly and stealthily, luckily he knows where the compound is but he is not able to stay for long. He needs to open the doors where the two is and get them out safely. Join Ricardo here everyone, good luck on the rescue without getting caught. Enjoy!


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