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Sewer is the newest point and click underground escape game from Fun Escape Games for another fun adventure here where you'll have to escape from some vast tunnels. Have fun!

Long ago, people have lived in the long abandoned small town at least 300 years ago but now it stands silent. Nobody extensively studied what remains in there until one day one expert did and that was James. The area was devoid of people that day and James can really confirm that he was the only one looking around the area, well he is positive there is something more there than meets the eye. Upon his scouring for clues, he did find something and at first he thought it was just a basement but actually, it was a find of a lifetime!

James found a very vast complex of tunnels and it looks like some sewers or something, but it's beautifully made to be some sewers of a small town though, there must be something there which the place is hiding, that's why James will continue his adventure down there. Escape players, will you go in with him as well? If so then be prepared of the creepiness that awaits. Good luck on the adventure then everyone, enjoy!

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