Treasure Hunt Escape (Avm games) Game

Treasure Hunt Escape (Avm games)

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Treasure Hunt Escape is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game from Avm Games for another fun adventure here plus looking for a valuable treasure. Enjoy!

There was this once rich man who had hid from the people for years because of some seriously valuable secret. The man had lived in the remote village and that's until he died nobody knew about his secret. That's until one day, a very clever treasure hunter discovered something by chance and it's a small diary from the mansion which was in their town. That hunter was Emmanuel and a chapter he read of it was a message speaking of the owner of the diary owning a very special treasure and it's the most valuable thing he had ever possessed, that's why it is in hiding, nobody should know about that and luckily the diary included an address which was kind of stupid to write it in there if he wants to keep it a secret, and it points to the simple house which the man once owned when he was still alive!

And so, Emmanuel is heading just there so he can find that treasure whatever it is if it's even true and of course, whatever that precious item is in the form of. Escape players, try the treasure hunt here with Emmanuel, may you find that item and stay alert for you don't know what traps the man had placed to guard the treasure. Good luck!


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