Halloween Discover The Old House Key Game

Halloween Discover The Old House Key

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Halloween Discover The Old House Key is the newest point and click spooky item retrieval escape game from Top 10 New Games. Have fun on this adventure through the spooks!

In the center of all the scariness of the old graveyard, there is a rickety house which was rumored to be the ultimate source of power for the things that go bump in the night here, that's why it must be stopped for the UN-dead and the paranormal are really hurting people if they stray to close to the area. One of the people who decided to take the risk and put a stop on this was Constance, he had already taken a lot of scary challenges in the past and he just thought this one is no different from the others.

The first thing Constance must do was to enter the scary old house in the middle of the graveyard but in-order to get that done, he must find a specific key somewhere around the area for it is the only way he can enter the house without problem and the UN-dead should leave him alone, well that's according to the stories. Escape players, you are very welcome to take-on the challenge Constance has here, will you all be able to get the challenge done without confrontation from the scary things? Good luck then everyone and enjoy!

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