Abandoned Train Treasure Hunt

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Brent needs to hurry here, for all of the gangs in the city who are after this bag of treasure which is in the form of golden objects and jewels are on the move. Brent is not part of any of those gangs, but if this treasure goes into the hands of any of those gangs, then that will fund more of their activities and this city will even be more unsafe for everyone. Brent got the confidential information that this bag of gold is in an abandoned antique train which was in the train graveyard. Upon getting that, Brent went there as fast as he can before one of the gangs makes it to the place, thankfully they hadn’t, well at least as it looks.

Escape players, Brent is now going to get this treasure for there is not much time and often those guys’ dirty tricks are quite harmful. This is now a life-threatening situation, but Brent needs to do this for not only he was patriotic, but that gold can help a lot of people in this place. So will you help Brent here so he can get this done and get out safely?

Abandoned Train Treasure Hunt is another new point-and-click item retrieval escape game made by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Abandoned Train Treasure Hunt

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