Transpicuous Forest Escape Game

Transpicuous Forest Escape

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The forest just near town has some abandoned structures and normal people couldn't get answers about their origins. But they just know to stay away from it for they know what's good for them. But not for outsiders though and that day as a visitor of the place, Christopher is going to find that out in the most undesirable of ways.

Christopher went into the forest and he expected an adventure, but the forest will not give him such and he should know that already for he was told prior. And so the first thing that had happened is him getting lost in the place! Christopher went in there alone for he doesn't want to get in trouble and really nobody would really go with him, he should have stayed with his friends, and at that moment when he got lost he really just wished he was with someone. Christopher is now lost in the forest and it's worst for whenever he tries to get back, he just gets even more lost in there. Christopher doesn't want to spend the night there for the place is already starting to scare him. Escape players, imagine playing as Christopher here and the situation is now in your hands to solve. Will you be able to successfully before this all becomes worst?

Transpicuous Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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