Medieval Square

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The medieval area is riddled with old houses dating back hundreds of years ago is being preserved and nobody should mess with it. That’s why the place have now been cordoned to prevent vandals from getting in, but even then they still do and that is getting the authorities very irritated. That day, Pete was one of those vandals but he doesn’t have some sinister aims with the place though, he was interested with what the place can offer especially its history. What he is about to do is truly against the law, but what can he do now? He had asked permission to enter the place for study a few times already and all of those attempts were shut-down. And so he resorted to this, but little did he know he will be experiencing something in the place there and the authorities didn’t have to get involved with that.

Pete was now inside the area checking the place out and it was as he had expected, quite beautiful. But he got lost in there and now he is starting to think he shouldn’t have gone in there, well at lost not without a pal. Escape players, Pete is having a hard time navigating out of the place here, will you help him out before he is caught?

Medieval Square is the newest point and click area escape game created by Hidden247.

Walkthrough video for Medieval Square


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