Tranquil House Escape

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The house in the peaceful part of town is quite the place, for it had been built as a classic place and its designs was of new trend way back in its time. The house is pretty quiet and it had been for decades, but still even in the modern times the place has its strange behaviors and those are being mischievous and somehow quite intelligent! People have been getting trapped in there in such mysterious ways, it’s still inexplicable why it does that, but that day Reginald decided to go in there so this strange occurrences can be understood once and for all.

Reginald roamed around the place hoping to get lost in there, well his wishes won’t be unanswered though and it’s going to happen quite sooner. Escape players, Reginald is going to get in trouble in there and somehow he wishes that so he can understand what is really going in there, but he doesn’t want to get trapped permanently though, but that doesn’t really happen. Will you be able to help on the escape here in this strange classic house if you were Reginald?

Tranquil House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.