Classic Escape (8b Games)

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The classic house in the neighborhood is made of old wood and it doesn’t look too modern, but it’s still perfect to be called as a home. Ron just moved in for he can’t afford the bigger houses in the area, that’s why he got this one and definitely he was grateful, for he doesn’t know where he’ll go if this new house of his is not even available. And so Ron came to stay in there and three days have already passed, everything seems to be fine and all but something happened though on that third day and it’s definitely catching his attention!

Ron couldn’t get himself out of his house no more for the doors seems to be mysteriously tightly shut! Ron tried his very best to open the door but it just wouldn’t budge. Ron hears no sound outside so this might not be a prank, maybe the place has a little secret? Well whatever that is Ron needs to escape then for he slightly feels unsafe in his home at the moment. Escape players, will you help Ron here escape by at least tinkering with the door first?

Classic Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 8b Games.