Tranquil Girl Escape

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The very quiet neighbor girl of Miriam was always just silent and was not a bother, sometimes one can’t really see her for she is also tiny. That’s why when Miriam gets called to babysit her she always comes for she is the most well-behaved kid she worked on and that made her an already welcomed guest in their home. One day, she got called again for her mother had to attend to with something important and of course Miriam accepted. It was a typical day with the girl and she was behaved, but something happened though for the first-time and she never really expected that to happen there!

Miriam saw the kid heading to her room for she seems to want to get something but after a few minutes, she heard the girl scream for the very first-time! Miriam came rushing to the girl’s aid but when she tried to open the door of her room, it wouldn’t budge and it seems to be really shut in its frame! Miriam then went to action for this had never happened before and anything can be a possibility there. Escape players, will you help Miriam rescue the girl here before she gets hurt or anything as she tries to escape as well?

Tranquil Girl Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.