Toilet Room Escape Game

Toilet Room Escape

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There was a conference going-on just down the hall and Dawson was a part of that conference, he just went-out to the comfort room for he needs to relieve himself. After a couple of minutes he was finished and is heading-out of the room, but when he opened the door however he was astounded and instantly confused as to what he had seen, for the halls were now different and he seems to be not in the office anymore! Okay, cut the pranks now you got me, says Dawson. But no response from anybody and as he examined things there, he seems to be in a different office now really!

Dawson looked back to the comfort room and the room was just like the one at the office, what was happening here? There is no logical explanation to this except that this might be a prank, if this is so then he must find his way out or something so that he won't look like a fool falling for a trick. But what if this is real? Maybe the only way back is through the comfort room? Escape players, will you help Dawson here escape from what seems to be a very strange situation by solving whatever things that needs to be solved there? Place yourself on the shoes of Dawson then and be ready for anything.

Toilet Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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