Beach Seashore Fun Escape Game

Beach Seashore Fun Escape
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The island is pretty small but very serene, it really is a paradise. But there are a lot of untouched places there and even has a thick forest in the middle. That day Milo will be one of those people who will get lost in that island and his fate is yet to be decided. That day, Milo decided to go on an island-hopping adventure near the small islands and one of his last stops was the big island among the rest, even then it is still a small island compared to others around the world. The island was good and it even had human structures which signifies that it had been visited numerous times, but then he decided to venture into the untouched part of the place and because he wasn't yet an expert, he got lost in there!

Milo did not expect this to happen now even though he had prepared for something like this the moment he left, but somehow he is getting uneasy about this and that's why he tries his best to refocus himself so he can solve this problem quickly. Escape players, will you help him out so he can leave the island before sundown?

Beach Seashore Fun Escape is the newest point and click beach escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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