Guileful Fox Escape Game

Guileful Fox Escape

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Living in a small house in the forest had always been good to Otis, he even has his friendly companions there which were the birds, the ground critters, and even the occasional fox. That fox though was very cunning and smart when it comes to getting what it wants, that's why Otis calls him Guile for he was guileful. One day, Otis was about to go on a hunt for it's open season again, but before he does that he must go further away from his place so that he won't hurt the local animals living in his immediate area. It can be unfair but it's much better than killing the wild animals who he already knows and also knows him. As he was about a few meters from his cabin however when he found something and he was definitely surprised.

Otis found a cage which was clearly a trap and that thing was near his home! The surprise was also elevated when he found a fox inside it and it wasn't just a fox, it was Guile! Otis quickly put-down his things and tried to look around as carefully as he can, it seems that there is nobody around but he still called loudly that the fox was his companion and he is going to try and get it out, that's to give respect to anybody who had set the trap for maybe, Otis might be already in his sights. Escape players, will you help Otis here save Guile as quickly as possible?

Guileful Fox Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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