The Piglet Babe Escape

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The farmer invited Samson who was his helper for the pigs had just given birth at the same time and more men there is needed. Samson and the farmer did all the work throughout the night and even the day until every single last pig was delivered. The last one was this runt whom everyone thought would not survive, but it did for Samson did not give-up on the little thing! A few weeks passed from the multi birthing day and Samson visited again to see the pigs he and the farmer delivered. Samson asked about this runt whom he saved and the farmer said it had grown quite active, he needs to find that animal if he wants to see it for really that piglet could be anywhere. Well little did they all know the runt pig whom they called Babe is currently in trouble and as for its savior, Samson is luckily coming.

Samson followed the obvious tracks of a small pig around the farm until he reached one of the houses of the farmer there. He continued to follow it until it led him to a room and that’s when he heard the screaming pig! The little critter is actually trapped inside this room and because Samson got really concerned, he didn’t wait for anybody to come and just did this rescue himself. Escape players, Samson is going to free the piglet Babe here for he had already saved it once, and he is not about to give-up on the little critter just yet. Will you help-out on this everyone so that Babe can be freed safely?

The Piglet Babe Escape is a brand new point and click indoor animal rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for The Piglet Babe Escape

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