Magic Kingdom

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Finally after a long time of searching, Johnny found what he had been looking for in the vast wilderness, it’s like a dream come true for him for what he had been looking for there is the so called magic kingdom! The place is said to be just a myth, but as it looks it doesn’t seem to be, for now he is in it and weirdly the place looks untouched by time!

Johnny then looked around the area for it seems that there is somebody here for the place looks like it is occupied, but weirdly though there was nobody there. Maybe the magic of the place is still continuing despite of everything there according to the stories to be abandoned? Or maybe this place isn’t abandoned at all and the residents are just hiding from him? Well whatever this place is right-now, Johnny must continue his snooping there to gather more data and maybe mark the place then so he can return. Well that’s if he can escape first though, for now he seems to be trapped in there! Johnny could not find the way out and every time he finds what looks like an exit, it would always be locked and he couldn’t open it! Johnny is slowly getting concerned here, but he needs to get out of there at least for now just for his safety. Will you help Johnny here then escape players so he won’t get in danger there or something?

Magic Kingdom is the newest point and click area escape game created by Hidden 247.

Walkthrough video for Magic Kingdom


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