Rogelio Escape

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Rogelio and his girlfriend Mina went on a vacation in this beautiful resort and everything was great! it was currently hot though so Mina went to the house they were renting to cool down while Rogelio buy some snacks and drinks. The room was definitely cozy, it was worth it to go there and because they are both exhausted of the non-stop work they were assigned for months, they definitely needed this trip. After a while, finally Rogelio arrives but there was a problem though, for Rogelio could not get inside the house for the door seems to be experiencing a problem!

Mina thought Rogelio was on with his antics again, he just can’t live without his girl now can he. But then when she tried the door though she couldn’t open it as well! That’s when Mina thought that this door here could be jammed for both of them could not open it. Okay then, the both of them wanted to solve this problem on their own, maybe Mina can find a tool there somewhere in the room so she can use that to tinker with the door. The are now working together on this, but escape players want to help-out and see if you can open the door as well? You are in the side of Mina here now, try your best to open the door so that Rogelio can get inside.

Rogelio Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Rogelio Escape

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