Car Escape From Carport

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Georgie needs to leave now for he has work to do and because he is a high-ranking officer at their office, he needs to oversee the heavy load of work pressed on the workers today for not only it was plentiful, but also quite sensitive. Georgie was about to leave but when he tried the door to his garage so he can get to his car, he could not open it so he tried the outside shudders, but unfortunately it too was locked shut! He really doesn’t have time for this right-now, but there is nothing he can do but to face this though for he needs his car to get to the office.

Escape players, Georgie must act fast then if he doesn’t want to get late. Lucky for him he’ll get some help though, and that is from you! Will you be able to get Georgie to his car here by first opening his mysteriously locked garage so that he can finally leave his house? Test your skills and logic here as well and see if it is enough for this kind of challenge. Find a key maybe and it might be the one that can solve this problem.

Car Escape From Carport is a brand new point and click problem-solving escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Car Escape From Carport

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